I have failed...

I tried to model terrain for a game… I have failed… :frowning:

Why is making low-poly stuff so hard for me?

Because you think of detail in terms of geometry, as opposed to textures. That’s my guess. Low poly modeling uses relatively simple models with very detailed maps - diffuse, normal, ao, spec etc, which combine to give the illusion of greater detail.

one thing you might want to try, use jimmy hazes landscape generator add-on ( A.N.T. ) , make a copy, decimate the original, UV map it, then bake the normals from the copy onto the original.

I’ll try… but this really hard. Everything I make is too high…
It’s kind of weird though, considering I’ve been doing this for years and never really tried to make a low-poly anything… I need to work on making video games…

Like 3dmedieval, I too suggest using textures for detail instead of geometry. Also, he’s been selling his Game Art for years, so he obviously knows what he’s talking about. :wink: To test yourself go make a half decent tree with less than 500 faces!

I’ll try, but it’s so hard… I’ll update it later and show you guys what I came up with. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

Here’s a table I just published on TS. You don’t have to go extremely low poly anymore. But notice how the normal map adds a ton of detail.


Wow… That does look good… I guess maybe i need to texture better then.