i have finished my second space project.....

pls tell me if there is problems and how i can fix them…


Hmz, I don’t like the design of the ships, but that’s a matter of taste. They kinda look like toys to me. I probably got this perception because you used (too much) round shapes to construct your spaceships. But than again those spaceships are the result of your fantasy and the most important thing is, that you are happy with the design not me. Design-wise, the space station looks better than the space ships. But where those black lines on the “skin” of the space station ment to be because I think they look a bit weird. The skin of the spaceships is relatively flat, I think that more textures are welcome (maybe you can consider to make UV lay outed textures). And then a last thing : I don’t think that the reflection of the sunlight on the planet earth looks right, it’s way too bright. Try to reduce the specularity of that texture.

Greetz and good luck with your further projects

You have some good models that are being detracted from by bad lighting and a bad planet. The planet texture is stretched somehow, try mapping it differently. Also, the light source seems to be a lamp situated somewhere infront of the large cruiser. I would suggest adding a large spot with a wide diameter that shines on everything in the scene.

i’m gonna make an assumtion here and assume that for the space station yo uused spin, then subsurf. if so, tab into editmode, select all, and recalculate normals(ctrl+n) this will rid you of the black lines.

frankly i think there is too much cyan… and procedural textures. please dont use a procedual clouds thexture for eart’s atmosphere.

the ships arent to my taste either but thats not such a huge deal.

maybe if yo ucould render a (much) bigger image i could give some more crits, because it is quite hard to make out detail right now.