I have lost my time for nothing using blender.

I notice that I have lost my time for nothing using blender.why!, I said repeatedly that the rendering time is slower than any 3D program in the current day. and the game engine is weak and needs to be updated, we are in 2013 and he havent even an alpha shadow or rigged ragdolls.it seems that nobody is listening, so I go out, I’ll try to make up time lost with UDK.

Somewhat you are right,but since no one earns cash no developers are up to improve bge.Lot of stuff is missing …sad,and performance too.We need to attract more developers to work on bge,or else it will die,sooner or later.

developers working hard to improve it, all we can do is to have passions and help if we can.

Developers,yeah hundreds of them! Kidding,only two.Kupoman and Moguri,they represent bge,the develop bge ,but they are not that fast since they have much more important stuff to do (real life),and we understand that.

If Blender is sufficient enough to create a game of your desire, you will not waste your time trying to. In my opinion Blender is everything I need to create a game of my desire. Only credits to all the people that made contributions to Blender.

Also, one of the devs is working on Alpha Shadows, if I’m not mistaken.

Blender is amazing, and this thread is trolling, I have a rigged ragdoll running in game… if you take the time you can do anything…

There are no bad engines, only bad developers. Bad workmen always blames their tools. etc etc…

1 Blender is Free.
2 Blender is Open Source.
3 You can achieve what you need if you put in the work.

I think op wasted an hour of the evening and now annoyed they didn’t make a AAA Game.


Would you like some free open source instructions as to how to accomplish these things you want, you could throw money at That moogle…

Is anything else open source and update constantly?

Did you make anything better?

please by all means, I would love it if you did, now go… make me a free awsome game engine and 3d interface, and while your at it… logic nodes… well I will see you in about 100 years…

You find things missing as you get deeper in blender and it’s game engine. I have a lot of experience with blender game engine and it’s not that amazing.It is a great tool but not amazing.

Also,rule number 1- Don’t be a fanboy! There is a thread regarding this…
Some can’t just do everything ,and don’t have the time.
It would have been great if more things would be implemented in blender ,like water shaders,easy adjustable rag dolls,auto generation of physics mesh,a more complex asset management and a lot more.

here is a rigged rag doll running in engine, deforming a mesh, and he is cooler then you :frowning:

I <3 Trolls

I love this, most people dont know the best features you have to code yourself.


there is two amazing project that I wait passionnement there completed, I know with them BGE will be more attracted :

To me Blender is a developers candy store. There are too many potential coding opportunities to count.

In the proprietary world paid developer positions are highly competitive to obtain and any paid position is unstable and always subject to layoffs.

The end-users have every right to complain and developers, especially those who read this forum, take notes even if they are individually busy working on other issues.

The fact that Blender is still competitive with strong future prospects is an amazing testament to the work that past developers and the community has already put forth.

So although I may feel bad (not really) that some end-users may grow frustrated with the speed of progress with Blender development, this is ultimately an acceptable casualty to the open source nature of the Blender program.

They need to contribute Dollars or code or silence…

Not really…

any input is input, and can get people thinking…


I’m actually getting ready to start a thread to talk about my plans to develop features for BGE if people are willing to fund it.

I’m still setting things up, the actual website will be http://sinsoftcode.wordpress.com and I will link to it from my company’s main website: sinsoft.com.

I have a lot of interest in developing BGE, it’s just that people need to give me ideas on what they are willing to fund.

What do you mean you wasted time? I could say the same thing about Unity3d, I spent years with it and have one game that is making revenue for my company, but since I left the engine, I would have to start all over again. All the game code, including Menu/GUI code I wrote for Unity C# I have to now write for BGE Python.

EDIT: in other words, all the time spent with Unity, I could have made a PC game with much more content. Impossible if you have to master two tools (Unity and Blender). It was all for the sake of entering the mobile market. In the end, it’s the game that matters, and BGE will let you work a lot faster than Unity, trust me but it’s hard to explain why.

EDIT: I just noticed you wrote UDK. UDK has it’s issues too. Did you mean UE4 based UDK to be released this year?

Fail troll is fail. Mr “@Monseter”.

Are you seriously trying to convince us that one of the top members in the BGE community believes he wasted years of his time with Blender?

Do note that the real person named ‘Monster’ has a lot more posts and is a moderator.

If you have legitimate concerns over the functionality of the BGE, it’s highly recommended that you don’t do it like that.

It’s not just that. I personally don’t want to work on closed source software anymore. You basically give the power to one company. Where with open source and GPL, the end users have control. Don’t like the direction of development? Well just donate to feature you want instead.

This is what I should have said in the mailing lists last month. That if BGE was licensed MIT or something, it would bring in more developers? However it goes the other way too, I personally would not contribute code if BGE was not GPL. The discussion should have been on the binary distribution of the BlenderPlayer itself. You can actually license the binary of a certain app different from the actual source code. For example, the Android SDK by Google, has one license for the binary and another for the source code.

Where’s a good place to learn how to get started in BGE development, anyway? I wanna implement Bullet’s “disable gravity for this object”-feature, among other things. :3

Monster > monseter, this is just a kid who want to ruin monster, its that easy.