I have never been good at lighting, looking for some help?

So I have never really been good at lighting, I Never could really figure out the subtlety’s of it. Videos like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIPu9_OGFgc
Both of these videos in my opinion have beautiful lighting and most of the things I do in blender are similar to these, physics, particles (not to much of a modeler per say) So my question to you guys is, can you recommend any tutorials out there or, do you know how they make any of the effects in these movies? Or if there is a way you guys know to set up a general lighting system that looks good so I could at least not just have default lamp or adding ambient occlusion to everything :D.

You can see in the reflections that the first video uses a simple 2-point lighting. Orange-ish plane to the left, bluish on the right. Very classical setting. Sometimes a third white light is added behind the main subject but, here, it’s not necessary with the bright background.

The second video uses an environmental image, probably with a mesh lamp to enhance the main lighting area… Or several… Or else some node tree work to increase the contrast in between the bright and dark areas of the environmental image without affecting what the camera sees.

And adding AO is generally a bad idea with Cycles. Use global illumination instead. (Light Path panel in the Render shelf.)

Hey I am a beginner myself,

Add occlusion and a sun when you render an outdoor scene.

Otherwise, use two or three lights. Only one of them casts shadows. The others are only for removing dark areas.

Look up cgboorman’s tutorials on youtube. There is a whole series of them. There is ony about lighting, I think around
5 or 6.