I have no idea how to separate some vertex from the bones

Hello! First of all, I’m a beginner in blender and made a model in Blender … And I’m facing a “little” difficulty with something that happens when I rotate and move the bones moves the parts of the mesh that shouldn’t…

Welcome to Blender! What you are looking for is weight painting. Here “weight” means how much influence a bone has on a vertex. In Weight Paint mode you can add or remove influence smoothly by painting (adding, subtracting, blurring, etc.). I would suggest putting “Blender 3d Weight Paint” into your favorite search engine. You might want to limit it to the last year as there are some changes in 2.8 versus 2.79 and before (although most of the process is the same, selecting which bone you wish to work on has changed, for instance).

Let me know if you need further information.

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Thank you!