I have no job :-(

Maybe I need to get out of the Blender scene.

In the past 3 years I worked in game development as a 2d/3d artist. I worked with blender, and then converted the models to 3dsmax. I was lucky to have this.

But it seems like I won’t have such luck at other workplaces. I need to learn Maya or MAX (oh no)…
What am I gonna do?

(In my country - Hungary - there is only 4-5 game developer company…)

There are jobs other than game design. Don’t think that just because you’ve been able to make a career out of 3D modelling you’re too good to sling hash or stock shelves. Basically, if you hold out for what you want and don’t take the first job you can get you’ll be in some pretty deep s**t. You can still look for the job you want while working at a job you don’t want.

I went flat broke and my parents almost disowned me because I spent six months from the time I got fired trying to get into game design. I had to settle for a job at an unknown taco stand so I wouldn’t get kicked out of my house and lose my woman, even though I hate the food service industry.

What about other media outlets like magazines, news papers, or tv?
Have you considerd any of those, at least for a start?

any movie company in hungary?

maybe you fell lucky using maya some day :wink:
be a bit openminded :wink:
or show em blender :smiley:

How about automation with 3D CAD ?

Shit, I have no clue of what to do. Maybe you should put Blender as a hobby and look for a real job. Sorry, but being pessimistic is like that.

You ain’t helping Cube

I was thinking along the lines of cube myself… and I think endi needes to realise that if he can’t get any jobs with his 3d knowledge then he needs to find a job to support himself, find a decent work place for some social fun and leave the Blender scene for a hobby at home… he can still look for other jobs… and if it’s getting serious and depression starts to get at him, sitting infront of his computer upset trying to model and forget out money and general life issues he won’t be having much fun.

But yes… you don’t need to enter 3d gaming scene… in fact it maybe beneficial to get extra experience from different job angles. 3d models are used in many other media types and it’s not all gaming… try what ever is close to home… or a reasonable distance and start inquiring!

Gof or it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replies.

You need to know, in Hungary hard to get money with art (nearly impossible). You can get money if you make the standard game-things (muscle man, pretty girl, monsters etc.) As you see my works, I made art-things…
Ok, I have made scifi things, maybe this is good for get money or find a job. But not with Blender. I need to learn Maya or something. I learn in my free time… so if I learn Maya in my freetime, I will don’t make pictures with Blender… :frowning:

The game developing is hard in Hungary. Only 4-5 companies, and they wants one-man-make-all (this means: you make the modells, textures, animations and all)… of course for normal money. You need to know the common hungarian salary in the gamedev industry: ~400-1200 in USD…

(I hope you understand my bad english.)

Like BurnHard said, find some in the line, there’s other stuff that can be done, automation, cad, landscaping, house desighn, advertisement, animation what ever you can get. And if you must go into farming.

Hi Endi,

Just saw your post (or at least I assume its yours) at CG Talk at the following thread: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=6813e99992477f2be5ab99f2dee367f5&threadid=73184

Couldn’t post there because I haven’t signed up. That is a very nice picture and you obviously have talent. Hope you find a job you like soon. However, as some of the others have said, you may have to find another way to your destination. Sometimes, the most obvious route isn’t the only (or best) one.

You ain’t helping Cube

Yeah. Great. It helps a lot more to say: “Hang on to your dreams man. Don´t let ‘them’ put you down. You can achieve anything you want. You just have to really really want it. The world is waiting for Blender designers.” This is Bulls**t.

My advice is: Get a normal job (something that is completely artist-free) and be happy to have a great hobby and good skills. I have spent 5 years in the music industry and thought that would be it. Now I´m 25 and still don´t earn an appropriate amount of money. (Because I had to start studying).

Sorry for being pessimistic also.


Thank you for your posts.
But there is something you can’t understan.
I will make art things. But not with Blender. I have no energy to use two 3d application. If I use Maya, I will not use Blender. But I will make artworks.
This is the tragedy of Blender. :frowning:

But maybe I will leave the computer graphics scene and go back to paintings. :slight_smile: Real paintings, not bits and bytes. :slight_smile: