I have one question on related to upbge

Greetings to all users of this resource.
Tell me please how the game engine OpBGE is developing? Is work on the development of the engine ongoing or are they discontinued?

Thanks to everyone who answers my question.
I wish you all success in the development of your projects!

I don’t Know about OpBGE

But Youle and Loki are working on UpBge and I use it / report bugs / try and think of ways to help them.

"Op"bge as a name for upbge-eevee, i kinda like it :sunglasses:

overpowered, it is.

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Daedalus_MDW, OpBGE… Hmm has a ring to it, lol.
andrew75.t, UPBGE 0.3.0 is still experimental, but alot of us use it. So give it a try and see for yourself :wink: