I have problem with animations in the Blender Game Engine... Please Help!

So i started a making a game in blender 2.79, but something’s not working how i want it to work and i dont know how to fix it!

so, this is what i have to let an animation play, and what i have selected in the action bar (Its meant to be a walk cycle):

If you want you can download the .blend file and tell me how to fix this, because I’m really confused :confused:

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the action brick needs to be on the armature. if it is then idk, i dont have a computer around.

I already tried, but weirdly enough the armature hasn’t any action displayed on the list of actions

Your logic is fine, so is the action on the armature. The problem is you’ve got every last variation on a piece of equipment plus two or three duplicates for each bodypart crammed on the same layer and parented to the same armature.

I’m not entirely clear if drivers or lattice work in the engine, I haven’t seen any examples. After deleting every last lattice object and modifier, what little was left of the animation played alright.

Takeaway: whenever you want to do something crazy with lots of modifiers, test it out on a smaller scale first. Not everything you can do in Blender is supported in BGE.


Ok, i think i get it. Would it work with a rig with normal bones?

From what I tested, your rig works perfectly with meshes that don’t use lattice deformation.

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Thank you very much for helping me!:smiley::+1:

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