I have problems with my animation not producing the right colour in the render

So i am a beginnner and doing some animation. I noticed that the colour in 3D mode is green, as wanted, but in the render it is yellowish. I think it might be because there is a layer below it but idk how to remove it or change its colour. Please help me…


Please help us help you.

We need a blend file to check every possible issue with your scene, because just a screenshot doesn’t tell us much.
The file only needs to have the minimum that shows the problem (the object with the false color, lights in the scene, etc; and any texture packed into the blend). As you’re new to forum, you might need to use some external website to share the blend file (i.e. PasteAll.org).

also color you see in 3D viewport is not the material color as such
so you need to copy color from viewport color to material color on the object!

file sample would help too !

happy bl