I have released a demo for my game

I have started a game called Guitar God. Its pretty much like Guitar Hero, except all of the songs will be by the band Avenged Sevenfold. Its actually a pretty good game so far considering that I am only 14 and I have only been using Blender for 6 months. And out of those 6 months, I have only been using the game engine for 2 or 3. I think it is a decent game so far. I only have the beginning of 1 song done, but I will work on it.
You can download it HERE.
You hold the keyboard like a guitar. The keys 1 through 5 are the notes and enter is to strum. See if you can beat my high score of 276 points. (I was never very good at guitar hero)

Hey, I really like it. You’re making great progress so far. On the other hand, I couldn’t seem to score a single point. I must be horrible at this :frowning:

I had to reload the images and change the path for the song to make it relative. The directory structure on other people’s computers is not the same as yours, so you might want to make those changes and re-upload the game. A relative path in blender starts with //. Go to your sound data block and change it from “C:\Documents and settings…\Game Files\Afterlife.wav” to “//Afterlife.wav

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considering that I am only 14
That has nothing to do with how good a game developer you can be.
It seems a great game, but I have problems with the blender sounds in my computer. Nice models.
BTW, You missed a dll, libmp3lame-0.dll
EDIT: Lol, I had to wait for the keys/whatever to come.
It also has problems loading materials. Try packing your files.
EDIT: Blendenzo, how can you open .exe files in blender?

Thanks. There is one major problem with the game that I have been having. If there is any outside interference with the game (like any programs that draw computing power away from the game) the song will be way offset from the notes. I will try to fix that. And also, I will try pack the files. Will that help?
One thing I learned while making this game is that Blender is definitely not made for making games like Guitar Hero. It would have probably worked better if I used some Python. But I didn’t use ANY, so I hade to use a LOT of properties.

For better sounds/music, try using pygame sounds.

OH… And the reason you need to wait for the notes is because the beginning 20 - 30 seconds is violin.

I will work on it some more tonight. I’ll try to finish the song and I will post the newer version tomorrow.

Alright, then.
BTW, I’ve only been 4.5 months using blender XD And I’ve only been using the game engine for 3 or 4. I’ve been using python for 2 months. If you don’t know it, here’s a thread with good links to start:

I dont think that I really have enough dedication or patience to learn python. I’ve tried a few times and I gave up after like half an hour. TOO CONFUSING FOR ME!!!

Try my link. I had the same problem, that’s why I made that thread :slight_smile:

You can’t. :wink:

Then how did you set relative paths?

Extracting the .blend from the .exe :wink:

^^ how do you do that turin, im on a mac, and i really wanna check this out lol

I have a question. Do you need Blender installed on your computer to play exe files created with Blender?

blend file please?

nope, you dont have to

When I upload a newer version tomorrow, I will include a blend file in the folder. Only problem is that I will have to not include the exe because that will double the file size if I pack everything. That’s a problem because I have dial up. IT TOOK ME OVER AN HOUR TO UPLOAD THE 11MB FILE I UPLOADED TODAY!!!

You can further decrease the size of your upload by clicking “Compress File” in the File menu before you save the .blend you want to upload. Trust me, it will make your .blend much smaller.

Cool. I was going to zip it anyway. But if I compress it and zip it, will that make it even smaller?