I have saw some other softwares 3D forms and i need to know...

So, i saw some other software 3D forms,
i need to know if they are from a 3D software (and from what 3D software are they)
if they are for game angines (and if possible what game engine)
or anything else.

here are the forms:
1: Triple Dash Garlic 3D Engine (.NFT)
2: Morfit World (.WLD)
3: NeoEngine (.NSCE)
4: Ogre (.XML/.MATERIAL)


Did you bother to google?

yes, i did but i found nothing about their native softwares.

If someone know their native softwares and their official web page please let me know

I found those forms usually at games and so i want to know about them.

You do realize that the engine/software those file fomats are used by is mentioned in your question already?

  1. Triple Dash Garlic - 2. Morfit World Builder - 3. NeoEngine - 4. OGRE: Google does the rest. And if it doesn’t, that particular software is most likely dead for a long time and/or was pretty exotic to begin with.

Your question right now reads like:
Can you tell me the manufacturers of these cars?

  1. Opel Astra
  2. Audi A8
  3. Mercedes SL
  4. Porsche Panamera


  1. http://www.igrodel.ru/
  2. http://www.pcworld.com/product/1048319/morfit-3d-engine-tutorial.html (seems the old url is down, but I could find a 3dstate website. engine changed name?)
  3. http://neoengine.sourceforge.net/index-2002.php (easiest find)
  4. http://www.ogre3d.org/

That literally took me less than 5 mins, some investigation included :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find those 4 on the google

Thanks for your help!