I have stumbled upon a issue, please help :)

So i started adding modifiers to this project, well I was gonna add the multiresolution modifier on it, when the shape of the body got all weird… Thats when i detected this weird lack of clipping… I have tried to drag down and clip it, but somehow it doesnt work. Any help please? :slight_smile:

Probably misunderstood what mirror modifier clipping option does.

The mesh is set to mirror on the other side of the object origin (orange dot) in X direction. Clipping option doesn’t allow moving vertices past the mirror point along X and once moved there, it holds the vertices on the mirror plane.

Multiresolution modifier will automatically go up top in your modifier stack which means your mirroring effect is happening after that. You need to apply your mirror modifier first if you are ready to start sculpting. If you want a smoothing effect on your model while you continue to work on it then add a subsurf modifier after the mirror.

Well its not like this is my first time using mirror modifier :stuck_out_tongue: And i know what it does… But I dont see whats wrong here because the edges wont clip together and yeah thats where the issue is… :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem is the multires in front of the mirror modifier.

The problem is in communicating what the problem is. The screenshot shows one thing and text parts talk about another.

Screenshot shows a hole in the mesh which would be there with or without mirror and multiresolution modifiers. If that is the problem, could use vertex snapping and remove doubles to connect them. There’s also merge.

If this is about vertices not clipping on the mirror plane, then the screenshot should probably show that. Not seeing a link to a .blend file either. As mentioned, multiresolution modifier will take its place above mirror and that is the wrong order for mirror. Would have to apply the mirror, which would be wise before sculpting anyway.