I Have The POWER!!!!!!! Muwahahahaa!! {evil laugh}...

So I am basically giddy with joy at the moment…

My Adobe Production Premium CS4 Package arrived in the mail today!!!

I have been wanting these programs for soooooo long and finally the day has come!!! Heheheheehe…

Sorry I’m a little hyped up in excitment at the moment…

So I got it all installed and have basically been spending the last half hour playing around in After Effects…SOOO much fun you have no idea (well some of you do, but thats beside the point…)

Anyway I just want to put it on the record as I LOVE EDUCATION PRICING!!! I got the entire package for $860 (Canadian) and I am lovin it…

Anyways just thought I’d share my joy with all of you wonderful people…but I’m going to bed now…I’m sleepy sleepy…(Even though I could spend all night playing with it…:p)

Well done, but now you got to watch all those tutorial videos to learn how to use all this new software. Ha, ha, ha.

More like “spend the night installing all of it” :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents have CS2 (i think?) and their mac is so old and slow it took them forever to get the things installed (and their mac can barely run any of them… it makes me laugh and weep at the same time. laugh because they spent all that money and can barely use it, and weep because it’s stupid mac software)

Well yah I’ve been watchiung tutorials for about the last year…lol. But now I can actually try them…

And as for install, took about an hour…so not so bad…

Learn how to use it? Doesn’t everybody already know because they already ha… erm… that’s a good thing they came with those discs, eh?

Well you have the industry’s leading 2D app. now you can make great textures and buy loads of plugins.

Just hope you made a wise investment.



Thank…you…?? :confused:

hope you’re not going to use it to make money :wink:

i’m jealous, there’s a lot of cool new features, particularly in flash and photoshop that i really like the sound of. And you’ll never have to worry about separating the sodding xyz translate channels in AE ever again :slight_smile:

too bad we got the production premium cs3 package at work less than three months ago :frowning: dammit!

Actually check out…


The first question, I’m sooo glad I just found this!

Then again…

Student Edition products may not be used for commercial gain.
(Taken from http://www.adobe.com/uk/education/students/studentedition/eligibility.html )

Adobe needs to make up its mind on this issue!

Hmm, thatis odd. But I think there is a diffrence between the “Sudent version” and the “Education version”. My box says “Education Version” so I’m pretty sure that I fall under the link I posted not the one you posted. So I think I’m still good. Why does this all have to be so damn confusing.

Okay so I think I’ve got it figured out. (After the spending the last hour researching…)

For older versions of Adobe Education products, you couldn’t use them for commercial gain. But for newer versions (CS#) you CAN!

So now that I’ve gotten that figured out, back to work.

i would buy photoshop and after fx when i get some money.