i have to choose

hi, i was searching in google about the best 3d software and i found that 3dsmax was the first and then there was cenima4d and than blender so what do i have to choose .and scince 3dsmax have lots of features and excellent renderers i want to start using it but i really miss blender becouse it was the software that made me love 3d and made me learn it

SO, would you ppl please help me choosing my 3d future

lol, you’re asking this on a forum filled with teenaged blender fanboys. Anyway, if you’re dead set on getting something else, Blender is always free, so why don’t you pick 3dsmax just so you can say ‘you know it’ on your resume, and then keep working with blender. Who knows, you could probably hybridize and use the best features from both programs together, even.

max is slowwwwww in comparison to blender, and the interface is a dump

Seems to me that whatever is forcing you to give up Blender would dictate the choice of alternative software as well. Are you going off to school? Use whatever software the courses are taught in. Are you getting a job in the industry? Use whatever software your company provides. If you simply want to learn another variety of 3D software, choose a learning version from any major player who provides one.

If you are looking for the best 3d software, I’m sure you’ll find that the answer depends on who you ask. Ask around here, you’ll quickly discover that Blender is the best. Ask at some other forum, well, opinions will differ. The best tool is always the tool you know how to use.

a forum filled with teenaged blender fanboys
Good one, BlackBoe :wink:

BlackBoe, look in F13, Radar tab and turn on Crap Detect.


  		BLENDER - You'll get it when you get it.

I like the double meaning.


I don’t get it.

I’d rather spend the US$3000 and something bucks that max costs and put up a decent rig, and install blender on it! :wink:

unless you’re talking about using one of “those” versions of max available “around”, or an academic version which costs a lot less but it’s not allowed for commercial use.

What I’d do is stick with Blender until there is a compelling reason to buy a full version of another software program. Needing to claim other software on your resume, absolutely needing a particular module, or similar reasons are the ones I mean.

I switched from Cinema 4d to Blender after using C4d for 5 years. It took about 2 weeks to go through everything in the manual and get up to speed. Based on that, I’d think that if I wanted to switch from Blender to another program in the future the switch would again take me about 2 weeks.

If you switch to another program earlier than you need to, it will cost you the license fee and also the cost of any updates. That would be worth it if you know you need to be an expert in a particular software 4 to 6 months from now. But if you don’t yet know which software you need to specialize in and exactly when you need to be expert with it, I’d stick to Blender and work every bit of it until you know it inside and out. That way you don’t go throwing money into software that will be outdated 2 or 3 years from now and you and you get solid skills in Blender that will transfer easily to whichever program you eventually decide to go with.

Use the money you save to get yourself some good training books.

And looking at some of your other posts, there’s still a lot more you can do in Blender by working specifically on lighting and texturing skills. Unless you absolutely have to switch to another program, I’d suggest spending more time on the fine points of Blender until you can achieve really high quality renders. Things like correct lighting and evenly applying textures aren’t going to look any better just because you switch to another program.


Choose whatever program you want to get familiar with, or try them all. If you have one that you have to know, then get for it.

I personally used Max for 2 years, then tried out XSI and later found Blender. From time to time I use Cinema only to know how are things done there. So you aren’t choosing your future, you’re only choosing what to learn now. It is possible to learn new software in less than a month, if you have some good tutorials or books. Because once you are familiar with any 3d program, you know the theory which is similar for every application.

i have seen that there are good things made with Softimage|xsi and mental ray like:-matrix,AssasinCreed and so …and i have downloaded XSI 6 advanced (fullversion) for free and i have choosing blender as primary and xsi as secondary …
becouse i will do the basic modelling in blender and scince xsi is the fastest in subsurfing i will do the details & render in it .