I Have Two Small Questions..

I have a very simple question. I’m definitely new to Blender, but not entirely new to making games. So far, in the past week or so, I have successfully set up a Third Person Shooter style game (very, very basic so far, just to set up the controls and what not). For now, I’m using the BlenderTutorials.com Python movement script Movement.py and I seem to be running into one problem. The jump is set with a sensor that detects ‘ground’ and only lets you jump if you are touching the ground. The only problem is, if I am jumping near a wall, it seems that i can continuously jump up the wall. Before I switched to using the Python script, I had my own jump implemented, with the same ground detection, and it did the same thing. Is there some kind of way to determine what objects/faces are actually considered ‘ground’?

My second question involves the firing of my gun. I have successfully made my weapon fire and all, complete with crosshair, and everything works pretty nicely up to a point. If I fire at objects from a distance, the aiming is quite wonderful. However, as I aim downwards towards the ground, the ray does not stay aligned properly with the crosshair. I do have a friend assisting me with Python, but he’s been busy the past few days. So I was wondering if there was a way to set up some kind of logic brick that might rotate the empty that fires my projectile to stay aligned with the crosshair. It seems to be very tough to find informative tutorials on TPS games, but so far I don’t think I’m doing too bad.

Any help or even small tips would be appreciated! And thank you in advance :slight_smile:

For the first one, you will either have to paint the wall in another material. And detect the material instead of the property. Or you have to divide the wall into it’s individual object.

I’m almost mad that it’s something that simple. Haha. Thank you for the response, Namssil!