I Haz Bunnies

My newest model! (Concept by Heather Gross)
I hope you like the character-design as much as I do! :smiley:

(Update 11th August, 15: Added the 3D Total Excellence Award :D)

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I love this piece. The characters are cool, and the feel of the texture too is nice. It makes it seem more realistic and lees like your average sculpt. Is that the material or the model?

Thank you! … All the bump and color is procedually generated with the material in cycles :wink:

At first I thought there is one bunny on the head of the character. After a while I’ve noticed there are three more in.

Really cool looking, and the buns are so sweet. I love how they look.

I love your style, it is so pleasing to look at!
You are doing a very good work!

Really cute! Your style is unique, I love it.

very cool…

haha this made me smile
good job

very nice.
Cute and well done!

good job! love the textures and material.

Thank you all so much! I’m glad you like it :3

Pretty cool design, I’m blown away ! :slight_smile:

Just accepted into the 3D Total Galleries! It will be added on the Gallerie and their Homepage on the 19th August!
Wohooo! :smiley: