I hear.....

The other day I met God. Sure I didn’t want to miss my chance and I asked him :
“God, please oh God! Could you make Blender 2.50 work properly with the ATI video cards ?”
He, and I mean He, looked at me with a mixture of amusement and incredulity, saying :
“Come on now Jean! I can only do miracles”


Blender 2.50 will cause all the other 3D app. makers to go out of business and CGTalk will have to rename itself BlenderTalk.

I also hear, that Blender 2.5 is a regular bad ass. It’ll nuke your country then julienne your fries.:spin:

That doesn’t actually sound incredibly fantastic.

I got this picture during a top secret spy mission at the blender institute :smiley:
blender will finally be newbie friendly!

I heard that after 2.50 comes out, Blender users will gain strength not to get aggravated when someone says something bad about Blender.

I hear the new blender will add +10 to modeling skill checks.

I heard after blender sells for 250 EUR the blender foundation is going to take over Google and open up Boogle. No matter what you enter the first resutl will always point to www.blender.org.

blender 2.5 will allow its users to materialize out of thin air what ever they can model in blender. unfortunately most people can only model “Gus”.

well i heard blender will allow rendering of tea pots utilising sub-proxy based mesh scattering, using a tightly control matrix aligorithm that calculates normal averaging over a calcuted wiegthed mesh structure using stripping to arranage groups of vertices into highly optimized data streams utilising large scale addressing, which in theory, should be nice :slight_smile:

Stripping will be banned from Blender due to inappropriateness. Modelling of nipples and other nudity will be prevented too.


That’d be a good thing actually, maybe find some way to model the clothes on your character without modeling the nude stuff.

I heard that you can’t control Blender 2.5, Blender 2.5 controls you.

Well, I heard that due to the number write in votes Blender 2.5 becomes the next President of the United States. Shortly after the announcement McCain dies of a heart attack and Obama announces plans to release his next book and become a motivational speaker on late night BET.

Blender 2.50 will be so incredible we can create masterpieces by just imagining them and it’ll read out minds!

Doesn’t blender already does this since long before 2.47?

Actually in the preferences there is a button to censor stuff that young ones like yourself should not see. Bad thing is this introduces strange black artefacts that not only cover problematic areas.

No, im pretty sure that 2.5 will be so advanced it will actually become Skynet. :smiley:

Stripping will be banned from Blender due to inappropriateness. Modelling of nipples and other nudity will be prevented too.

WHAT? no nipples!
All the Baby Cubes will die.
this is not good.

No prob Meta-Androcto just turn that setting in the preferences off - that is after you entered the parental guidance password.