I Heart iPod

Here’s a little something I’m making to show how much I love the iPod and Apple for making such a great product. Tell me what you think so far =).

Rendered in YafRay (Forgot to turn on Ambient Occlusion >_<)

UPDATE: Added a wire, kinda bad but its my first time =)

UPDATE2: Changed the base, looks a lot nicer IMO. I wasn’t even going for that effect, kinda ran into it by accident.


I think it could look a lot better. Your concept is good, but the edges of the Apple logo are all jagged, the iPod is just a flat box, and the only thing that looks good is the cable (which looks way out of place because it’s modeled much better).

I see what you mean, I guess thats the result of me just being lazy and trying to use as less vertices as possible. I’m fixing that up as we speak. Oh, and about the iPod, it does look like a flat box but really, everything is modelled, the only textures used is the screen texture and the touchpad wheel thingy (Don’t know exactly what it’s called). I think the lighting makes it look like crap. I’ll fix that up too.

Also, that clickwheel is enormous! The clickwheel on the video iPod is quite a bit smaller than that.

Yea, I saw that too. I’m just gonna completely remodel everything (except the stage thing). I used too few vertices in the Apple logo and I agree, the proportions in the iPod are a bit off, im gonna use a reference pic next time, I made it mostly from memory. I’ll keep you all posted =)

Oh, and about the iPod, it does look like a flat box but really, everything is modelled

Some words of wisdom… it doesn’t matter how many vertices, faces, polys, or hours went into a shape if it still looks like a flat box. :wink:

Definitely use a reference. The edges of the iPod are rounded.