i hope im not just another one..?

so i wanna make a game by myself or if anyone would like to join…be my guest…but i dont really want this to be massive…(or maybe i do :stuck_out_tongue: )…i would like it to be a racing game with large turns and loops… kinda like Tm Nations… if anyones ever played that.?..its kinda gonna be futuristic… and yea… so if i can get any idea on different engines besides BGE… then id lov to hear it cause i absolutely HATE the blender engine…i dont know why… maybe its cause i dont know how to script or whatever… and im also trying to avoid abit of scripting unless someone knows allot about scripting and wants to do it all…lol but i dought it… so if anyone wants to join feel free to ask or crits or suggestion about how to actually make this would be greatly appreciated…(i might not be able to work on this too often cause im about to go into secondary 3(grade 9)… so yea)(oh yea dn also id like to no wat engines and/or what prgrams they use to make proffesional games such as halo or things like that)

Hey if you are interested - you can join our crew. We need someone to make a transparent “ark of convenant” of one of our scene. We’d love to have you on board. PM me if you need more information, or you can visit “www.openworldfilm.com

Well these are your options.

  1. use blenders game engine (It actually little to no scripting)
  2. learn the in depths of programing and use Crystal Space or Ogre
  3. spend in excess of $5000 to buy yourself a professional game engine
    or 4. start your own game engine from scratch.
    IMO I think you should stick with blender (unless you want to pursue games development as a career)

You really don’t want to know how costly that stuff they use to make games is… especially considering how your in secondary school.

@ easton…actually i want my career to be in game desing…like making vehicles or landscapes or watever…ive been wanting to do that for quite some time now…then again i dont exactly have 5000$ dollars lol…and in the BGE it seems that u use those cube or block things and tht all?..and the game engine always has errors with the flipping normal and the graphics are more than horrible…( like theres no reflection or “window effects”)

OH…and this might be kinda stupid…but how might i start making my own game engine…and how hard could it get??

I lot of work has gone in to improve the BGE checkout the apricot builds of blender and the yo frankie website. As to how hard coding an engine is consider the fact that most game companies have an army of coders most with programming degrees. I find it ironic that you avoid the easier task of learning to script in BGE but you are more gang ho about what would be a more considerably complicated task of building an engine.

If you have never coded anything before, expect 2-3 years of experience before you are able to code an engine singlehandedly.

this is really starting to suck…:frowning:

oh and ermm…are there any REALLY good and easyish tutorials on learning BGE…because as i said before : and in the BGE it seems that u use those cube or block things and tht all?..and the game engine always has errors with the flipping normal and the graphics are more than horrible…( like theres no reflection or “window effects”)…so if anyone knows about this then i would like to no about it thanks alot guys for all the help and time youve put into this thread

Blender spartan, I highly suggest using the BGE, why?

1 - It’s easier to use, you can either use logic bricks (those “cub or block things” as you called them.) or you can use python, which is a super easy-to-learn language.
2 - It will save you time, no conversion/importing, everything can be tested right there, on the spot.
3 - Tons of stuff has been done to improve the BGE recently, check out some of the new apricot builds. You can easily fake “window effects” by UV-mapping things to a “reflective” texture.
4 - It’s completely free!
5 - You can find tons of tutorials, for python, or logic bricks just search google.

Umm… dats all I got. Good luck with your game and your career!

A cube is the primitive first present when opening Blender - go into edit mode and change it into whatever you want it to be… start simple, you can make a low poly car or space ship, then experiment with setting up operators with the BGE and see about how each works.

Look into the wiki pages and find out how to model and uv texture, and you’ll see how to bake lighting into textures to get interesting environments/levels for your game.

Also, you can read up in the GE forums here and check out the massive amounts of tutorials telling you how to make the best of what is available in the BGE.

See, BGE at least allows you to just select objects, tie them to expressions and controllers, and just hit ‘P’ to see how it will work - all those other game engines won’t let you preview the same way.

alright…i no abit about bge already…not too much…but thats prolly whyt o hate it ri9ght now…but i will look into it…on umm wiki? not sure wat that is maybe some info might help?..do u mean wikipidia like THE wikipedia or wtv?..and thanks rozzy for wishing me good on my career :smiley: …ill post some more stuff later when i learn abit more about BGE and see if i get more interested or not…and python seems pretty complicated to me…i tried it and right even beforte i started learning it it said i have to download this and that…then dop so and so…i got lost…and usually i dont get lost in these type of things…also most of the examples they gave me didnt even work when i typed them in…

Just a small suggestion, you said you didn’t have much time, well, just wait till you start finishing school, it gets really tight then.
There is no way you can avoid programming and scripting if you want to make a game, it just isn’t that easy. Python is actually really good in this respect because its easy. And trust me programming is tough, you need to be quite specialised to do it properly.
Most of the other programs available for 3D use range from about a minimum of 700 dollars and it goes upwards from there to the hundreds of thousands =). I’d say Blender is an excellent choice.
Reflections are nice but they are nasty to render real time, really nasty, that’s why BGE doesn’t really have em right now.
Making any game, no matter how simple takes time and effort and quite a bit of work. In the order of several months at least, and thats for super super simple.
tutorials, look up the BSoD ones, they’re good.
Otherwise good luck but remember that nothing good ever comes without lots of hard effort and work.

I hate to say it, but yeah, you are another one, but if you try hard and stick to it you can be ‘another one’ not ‘just another one’ if you get where I am going. If you want to get into making games, and you really just want to model, then there are plenty of indie developers out there making games. I am helping on two at the moment. If you want to eventually learn how to program and get right into the scene, build up an impressive portfolio of models that are low poly and look good. Then go around and tell people on other forums, or even on online games and stuff that you are looking to help model with someone. Link them to your site and if they like it, then they’ll ask you on. Although you’ll probably find that there are heaps of people looking to make games independently, and as soon as you mention that you may have dabbled in blender, they will snap you up.

It’s good to have that portfolio there, though, for later. I haven’t had a chance to make a portfolio, so I just have pictures of the models I made for games on my site. I might take a break and make something actually decent and worthwhile for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with it, but just be aware that it is a lot of hard work and perserverance, and if you REALLY want to be one of the best, you will have to pretty much devote your life to it. Stick to it though, maybe in ten years I can say I gave advice to the next Will Wright :smiley:

dude, go google up xna framework, and get into visual c# 2005, it’s like a walk in the park, or if u wanna learn from basics and get into the whole game logic,
i suggest u get visual basic 6 and take it from there with your own game engine for fun 2d games(woked for me)

however, the choice is yours, in game programming, there are no limits:D


If your still interested there is a couple of good tuts at this site http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/index.html
They show you how to set up a vehicle in the game engine, a little more interesting than just another maze, no?

you could learn to use blitz basic if you wanted to make a 3D game real bad, but i highly recommend you dont, you prolly dont even know enough math yet to get anywhere (explain sin,cos,beziers,stuff like that.), and trust me 3d is alot harder than what you think. if you want to make 2d games with graphics card acceleration (HWA) and no actual scripting (there is event based programming which lets you learn concepts of math and programming more easily than script with the ability to use python if u wish) try this its what i use and its way better,faster,and powerful than GM or mmf2


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