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I am a very confused beginner to both Blender and posting stuff. I have a support question: I have downloaded and installed Blender, but none of the help/ tutorials are available from within the program. I get a message that “Python is not installed” and the features are thus not available. How do I get/install Python?

You do not need python to run blender. Some of the scripts that add additional functionality use it but if you have just started using blender don’t worry about it. Go to http://www.python.org to download and install python. Blender will then detect you have it installled.
Important: you need the correct version of python for the blender version you have. It will tell you the python version where you initially downloaded blender. It will be either python 2.5.4 or 2.6. Don’t install the latest version 3.xx, it won’t work.


Thanks, Richard!