I implore you, help me with this rig...

This rig has been driving me insane for the last few weeks… I’ve started from scratch four times over. Please, write me some hints on how to rig it, or if you can. Show me.

Thanks in advance.


Main Character_Low_Poly_Rig.blend (1.03 MB)

I had a play and decided to contribute with some magic feet. The controllers are…

  • Feet are IK: pick up the whole foot with the pad underneath and the leg moves.
  • There are a couple of knee bones to direct the bend in the legs as needed.
  • The mid-section of the foot works like a hinge in two parts to make foot bends. Useful when wanting to lift just the heel.
  • If you need to rotate from the toe end (default is from the heel end), there is a special controller at that point.

More of an animators rig than a gamers. I haven’t done much in way of a “how to” though you seem to have done pretty well so far and I’m hoping you’ll pick up a few tricks. You still need to weight paint the toes of the right foot (future tip: use X Mirror option in weight painting brushes under “Options”)

Hope this helps. I’m pretty impressed with the model - one of your own?

Main Character_Low_Poly_Rig2.blend (228 KB)

Woah cool O_O! That is way more awesome than simply rotating the bones individually. <(^_^)> C’m’ere let me give you a hug! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will definitely look up how to use the X Mirror option, I always knew it had to be there somewhere XD

The model is based on a model generated using “makehuman”, however I decided against simply decimating it.
Instead I superimposed it in the places where I found my modeling skills lacking. So obviously I can’t take too much credit. For example the knees, they are pretty much a rip off. In some places I couldn’t really keep the edgeflow right, but I learned a lot.

Anyway, thank you very much.

EDIT: Hmmm… how do you rig the forearm?

Well, that all depends on what you mean by rigging the forearm.

In this example, I’ve rigged your arms in both FK (how you made them) and in IK (like the feet where if you move the foot the whole leg moves).

To use this arm set up, you should see a switch floating above each shoulder; one for each arm. Slide the circle in this switch to change modes. When the circle is at the top, the arms move as IK (when you move the hand the whole arm moves). When the circle is to the bottom of the switch, you can move the arms themselves. To make this easier, I’ve also made the arm controllers (the bones) hide themselves so you only see the ones needed for the current mode.

The reson you would want both IK and FK is that normally IK is used, but for movements like swinging the arms in big circles, FK can have better results. You should use the switch as either IK or FK… going half and half can be tempting but it makes for sluggish movement.

This set up is fairly complex (there are actually six arms involved and the switch takes a lot of setting up).

If by rigging the forearm you mean a smooth wrist twist, yes this can also be done, but I’m resting for the night now. I’m tired tonight… hope the above makes sense.

Glad you liked those feet :slight_smile:


Main Character_Low_Poly_IKFKarms.blend (232 KB)