I just became aware of WebGL


Anybody having success with WebGL as a profession?

Seems like a “natural” for us 3D geeks.

What profession exactly ? I shipped a bunch of models as glTF/GLB, not sure if I qualify

I figure that companies are hiring WebGL “specialists”.

Just wondering if any Blender people do that as a “day job”.

WebGL is similar to other graphics APIs. There is nothing special about it, other than it runs in browsers and the compatibility on mobile devices is really painful. In my experience, everyone who seriously gave it a try, tries to avoid it, including myself.


I do think that “3D graphics on the web” is a growing area, but I wouldn’t think of WebGL itself as a profession so much as a particular technology. The more modern API for the web is WebGPU, but it’s still being developed and isn’t widely supported yet.

As an artist, understanding how to export to glTF/GLB, and to optimize models for texture size, vertex count, etc., should get you pretty far on the web.

As a developer, it usually involves some mix of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other generic web development skills, in addition to the graphics API and/or related graphics libraries like three.js or babylon.js.


I have made well over $100,000 total doing WebGL (specifically in three.js) over the past 6 years and it has definitely been a decent chunk of my work. That work was mostly visualization/configurator apps I made custom for clients from scratch, using three. I have been a lot more focused on regular animation (all industrial) work the last year and a half, because that is the work my clients have needed, which is actually nice… much less thinkin’ involved. Making money in WebGL is much easier if you know javascipt, css and html inside out, which I do.

Thank you donmccurdy and norka.

I just looked at the threejs website and it looks pretty cool.

I’m a retired software engineer and have been entertaining myself with 3D CGI since the late 1990’s with DirectX.

Again, thanks.

Thank you donmccurdy and norka.
See below…(or above, whatever)

Hi. I just made a quick test animation, exported and viewed on your viewer page.

Works great!




So… “Loading 3D models”… (I did get the spinning green tutorial cube to work)

Can’t seem to get this. I am trying to run locally, so maybe that’s the problem.

So far I have downloaded “GLTFLoader.js” and “three.module.js”. I can’t seem to get them to “see each other” with various import and script entries.

Is there a “down-and-dirty” way to load a model?


If you’re mainly hoping to embed a 3D view of the model on the webpage, one of the easier ways is https://modelviewer.dev/, it wraps three.js and makes this much more convenient. Otherwise you’ll need to look into the installation guide here.

I got it running!

My sons and I I have a website and I put the code there ( http://www.therawaudio.com/ )

I am using the support files like this from ‘https://threejsfundamentals.org/threejs/resources/threejs/r132/build/three.module.js

In your opinion, is that a good way to do it?


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Awesome! I can’t seem to find the 3D section at the moment but that does sound like a reasonable way to go. The webpage hosting those files is a tutorial site and not a permanent archive, so the r132 version might be taken down someday as they update to new versions of three.js… using a permanent CDN like unpkg would probably be better:

https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/build/three.module.js

Hosting the files yourself or using build tools like Webpack or Parcel is also common, especially for bigger projects, but it’s a bit more work and not strictly necessary.

I work for Sketchfab, we employ WebGL developers.

Thanks for the reply.

I tried:

import * as THREE from ‘https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/build/three.module.js’;

But the server doesn’t like the “@”.

It’s funny because if I type :

https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/build/three.module.js

in the browser address bar the file displays just fine. Oh well.

Since I posted this last week… I have learned a lot. Mostly three.js.

Development seems pretty straight-forward… and fun!

I’m going to try to find a way to make a few bucks

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