I just began composing music for film and videogame. Any advices?

Those are my very first compositions.


Each one of these compositions seems to begin with “a big percussive body-slam,” and to more-or-less follow the same course, at least in the 30 seconds or so that you have previewed. They also seem to fill the upper spectrum of sound but to omit the deepest bass tones. I’d like to hear you explore more orchestral sounds, and also consider how to make the sounds truly appear to have been created by an orchestra.

For a very interesting site containing thousands of user-created songs over many years, consider visiting http://www.macjams.com.

The folks who are posting there (and who have been posting there for, I guess, a dozen years) are not particularly trying to sell their music for a profit, although there are many professional musicians, composers, and orchestrators there who most-certainly do. (Almost all of the tracks at macjams are available for free download: there is no “sales” engine.) The appearance of the site belies its age and history, but the size of its catalog is amazing. (Just try the “randomizer” on page-one.)

not a bad start. could use some tonal instruments like electric guitar or violin.