I just bought a PS3!

I was happy with my Wii for a while until a flood of really crappy 3rd party games invaded the game library. I’m so disappointed with Nintendo’s quality control and even regret spending $250 (not including tax) of my own hard earned money on this system with games like this:

and this:

and this:

Yes, that’s a real game. Ninjabread Man… LOL! Seriously… whoever approves these games needs to get fired. There are a few gems out there that I own like Zelda:Twilight Princess, Super Smash Brothers, and Super Mario Galaxy, but the good games are few and far between. You would figure with such a large install base, developers would be more inclined to make awesome games for the masses. I guess that’s not the case here…

So I decided it was time to get a new system. So I worked my ass off, and saved up. Then I went to gamestop and purchased an 80 GB PS3.

So far im very happy with it, and if history is any guide, the PS3 will do well in the long run. GTA IV is very impressive with huge improvements over some annoyances in the last few games. The PS3 has become my alternative media hub and is competing with my computer for my HDTV.

The only downsides are that the internet browser has some issues with imbedded videos and some flash websites, and the fact that it dosent support DivX and several other popular video formats.

Overall I’m pretty happy with it, and the games library is definitely MUCH better than what the Wii has for now.

I cant wait to see what new games come to the PS3. I’m definitely getting Mirror’s edge when it comes out.

Anyway, that was my experience. Share yours if you’d like = )

Wewt, now you’ve got a render farm!!! Lol, sweet. I totally agree with the Wii thing, a lot of the games are totally junk and I hate how everybody has to have one. I have a PS3 also though it’s mainly used for playing Blu-ray movies and it’s replaced the old DVD player.

Get another one and you could have a 16 core rendering farm :slight_smile:


Um, Blender only uses 8 cores for rendering at max.:confused:

But yes, games for the masses translates into “make a lot of cheapo dumbed down minigame collections and basement quality games” for many game studios. Have you seen SimCity creator, they’ve gone back to buildings not aligning with roads and no elevation differences like hills.:eek:

welcome to the ps3 club.

If you guys have a PS3 post your PSN ID so we can chat when Home is released = )

mine is VenomSeven :wink:

Good on you for choosing a PS3, it’s a great little system.

My ID is Optimus4321 (Not chosen by me, my brother is obsessed with everything transformers)

Just don’t try playing me at COD4, cause you will get your ass kicked :smiley:

i have a 360… :stuck_out_tongue:

but my brother-in-law has a PS3. he has gta 4. man, that game is the funnest thing ever…
until i suddenly went on a rage killing random people. i didn’t think that was a good thing to be doing, so i quit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes man ps3 is the best system there is! I have an 80 gig too. Some sick games comin out soon:

Killzone 2
LittlebigPlanet - may be the best game ever made
Socom Confrontation…

the list goes on! PS3 FTW

I have a 360 and a wii. I will pick up a PS3. Little big planet looks Awesome! So far the wii has been a disappointment. I love my 360 and I am sure when I get a ps3 I will like that 2

iliketosayblah =]