I Just Can'T get the LIGHTING to be correct

Below are images from a blender model I made & rendered in yafray. How ever I tried I just can’t get the image look photorealistic. After playing with lighting (spot ligths dupliverted on a circle with 12 vertices & one at the centre) angle & height & camera angle the best picture I got is shown below:-
Notice there is no shadow. Is there any tutorial on lighting heights & angles & camera angles for particular situations like in braod-daylight, inside a room & light coming from the window during day. I have a lot of tutorials on how to setup lights but I can’t get them right can u figure out where I am going wrong? Below is a screenshot from blender of this model:-

Another problem is that I can’t get the wood texture to be right below is the screenshoot of my wood material form blender:-

The texture for wood is the in-buit wood texture.

You need to activate the shadows for the spots. In the Lamp tab check Buf Shadow or Ray shadow.

Do you have a reference pic of what your final image is intended to look like? It almost looks like you are using toon shader (which will never be "photo realistic).

From your setup, I think you have too many redundant lights. In yafray, for more realistic images, use an HDRI image (search the forums), use a photon light, turn on photons in the Yafray settings panel, and use a basic three-point light setup (one near the camera, the other two spread out. Only one should be casting shadows if you want noticeable shadows. For flat lighting and shading (ambient occlusion), turn on Full GI (in Yafray settings) and play with those settings.

If you still can’t figure it out, post a .blend for us to play with.

Good luck

Ray shadow is on. bye-the-way I should mention I am using blender3.40-alpha2

I have used the defult Lanbert & CookTorr shaders. I have no reference pic, I just started making this w/o any pic in mind but now I want 2 make it look like a clear glass bowl with on a wooden table with ligth falling from the side window during morning time. I just want 2 make it look convincing & pleasing to eyes. I want 2 do it without using HDRI.

‘For flat lighting and shading (ambient occlusion)’ - What is ambient occlusion & what does turing on full GI do?

And well what about the wooden texture problem I asked above?

abient occlusion: http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Ambient_Occlusion.231.0.html

wood texture…just play with all the input settings to get what you want (increase the x and y scale of the texture Which will actually decrease the size of the texture) in Map Input tab)

Full GI is the yafray equivalent (I think) of Abient Occlusion (Global Illumination). In other words, light can come (and shadows) from objects besides lights/lamps etc. Photons are a more ‘real-world physics lighting’ correct solution which allows light to bounce around indirectly.

Check out Kator Legaz’s website on blender lighting.