I just cant make it work: indigo renderer

Ok, my 2nd question in less less than 2 weeks, that proofs im a very dedicated Blender newbie.

The thing is that içve been trying Indigo renderer, but after exporting the xml with blendigo, a soon as i attempt to run the “Indigo name.xml” command from the DOS prompt in windows i get a message that reads “unexpected element RADIANCE in element BACKGROUND”.
I ve read material, tutoriales, manuals, made a search about related topics in this forum and actualy FOUND A FEW THAT DEAL WITH THE SAME SUBJECT: and those topics present a few solutions, as getting another version of Indigo, another version of Blender, installing Python…iv tried a lot of these, but none of them works.
I get the same message again and again and again. You know what?, i even triedd to rewrite part of the XML deleting the references to RADIANCE just to see what happens, but i got a mesagge warning that the next element (i forgot the name) is also unexpected.
So, this is what i would like: i´d like a Indigo user to tell me exactly wich versions of Blender, Indigo, and Blendigo are you using. Could it be?. I think it would solve definitively the problem, having the exact name of the versions taht work well toghether. Ah, now i feel better, thank you.

do you use Blendigo?


you can also download a flash tutorial on how to install indigo and blendigo here:


hope this helps!

fantastic Agent blnd08, i dugg a bit in the sopts you provided and found the solution. Works perfectly. Ah, yes, its curious but i had no deed to instal python 2.5, blendigo104 and Blender 2.45 worked perfectly toghether without it.