I just can't seem to nail the render settings for smoke!

I’ve successfully set up a smoke sim that is working the way I want. However, when I go to render it, it doesn’t look right. I see some of the smoke, but it is not rendering fully. I have set the texture settings properly, i.e. assigned a density of “0” to the domain and a voxel texture. Again, I do see the smoke, it’s just not right.

Another weird thing is that the smoke doesn’t seem to be coming from the proper direction. If I render with particles visible, they come from the correct location and the trajectory is correct. But the smoke sim is offset slightly behind it. I’ve attached some images that show the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

How high did set the density scale? I don’t do many smake sims, but I remember Andrew Price complaining that the density scale has to be set pretty high (6 to 8 I think)

Yes, density scale and scattering need to be higher than the default. I used something like 3 for both and it rendered alright. Check out blenderguru.com for smoke sim tutorials, there are heaps, and I think all of them render the smoke.

I tried putting it all the way up to 100 and it still didn’t make any difference (it was originally at 4.0).

I downloaded a sample project online of a flame simulation, and that seemed to render OK. It must be a setting I have wrong, but unfortunately I’m not sure where to look!

Can you upload a .blend? Might be a simple button unchecked or something like that.

Here you go. .blend attached.


smoketest.blend.zip (141 KB)

Any ideas on what might be wrong? :confused:

well here’s a head scratcher: I just did a quick run-thru of trying to get smoke to render but this time I completely ignored the cache stuff ( naming the caches ) or the naming the file part, hit render and I see smoke.
default cube > smoke modifier (domain) > new material (volume | density 0 ) > new texture ( voxel | cube as domain, mapped to density ) > add test circle ( extrude, scale inward some) > add smoke(inflow) > alt+a (watch smoke rise) > f12 WOW IT RENDERED.

I don’t know what goes wrong every time I try and do anything to it then it never renders after that. I hope somebody figures out what makes it so hit and miss.

I figured it out. It was a problem with the smoke domain. I deleted the existing domain (cube), and created a new one with default smoke settings and a new material/texture. That worked! It renders fine now!