I just got it!

Elephants Dream has finally arrived in my hands. I haven’t even opened the envelope yet!

I live in Chicago and I wanted you all to know that I got mine so all others who are anxiously waiting, the wait should soon be over!

Thanks all!


I’m more excited about your postcount ~ 1 post/year.

And his sig is pretty funny, too.

…not to mention his name :wink:

Hey i’m in chicago too, can i come over and watch it with u? i’ll bring popcorn and beef jerky…and my dvd burner…and some blank dvds…and flowers…u like flowers? happy mothers day!!!

I’m in Seattle, still waiting… should I stay up?

I know it won’t come till =>monday… but it just sucks… I watched it on yourtube, because I couldn’t wait. Still it’s not the same, I’d still be buying it.

Come on ED!

I’m more excited about your postcount.

I’m more excited about your postcount.

AHHHH! He must be the anti-crist. Along with a million other people.

sign or the devil, dude!! http://www.feebleminds-gifs.com/smiley-faces-84.gif

Hey, I was just reading the,“Famous Explorers’ Correspondence Course”, for when I go and trek Ficana, and the Famous Explorers’ Correspondence Course for Wayward Wanderers mottoe is: “Wherever you go, there you are.” Huh, weird. Evertime I learn something new or encounter something like this, I always find it elsewere. Like if I learn a new word, someone uses it the next day.

yeah me too… for instance, a while back I though that I was being witty(and origional) after one of my numerous verbal faux pas ( I seem to have a talent for sticking my foot in my mouth- note my sig) I said that it was a brain fart and now I have seen it in several other places on the web…

I’ve had enough of these threads

[and this one isn’t on topic anymore anyway]