I just got my dream job (in a tunefull way)

hey guys, i had been persuing props design and such for a wee while but had gotten nowhere.

then last week i saw one of my classmates doing some drawings and i asked what they were for, he said, oh its just a portfolio for the poster down stairs.

needless to say there was a little notice in the Design school foyer saying “new tv program, submit your portfolios for the job”

so i thought at first, “na i won’t have time to do any drawings (like my class mate was doing). i’ll just forget about it”

well i then thought, damn this is the exact oppertunity i was waiting for and now i am gonna pass it up just because i have only 2 days to have somthing handed in. so i took about 8 hours out of the next 2 days (of which i had 3 other assignments due in, and had no sleep for a long time over those days LOL) i pulled together previous work i had done (mainly blender work)

my tank from X-W and my battle
my lego car in the grass
my wallpaper for blender
a photoshop montage of my great grandfather with a mechanical arm
a work i did for a US guy for $90 US
and a few hand scetch’s

nothing to fancy, but i put it together printed on photo paper, and in a nice long format (fairly small in size, but long in proportion)

typed up a CV and handed it all in.

needless to say, i got the job, the best break of my life (except my invention which is better LOL, but two paths at once, one is my passion (this one) the other is the money earner)

you are now looking at a concpet artist for TV. hired by an oscar winner, and the designer of spidermans costume :wink: :wink: :wink:



Great job man, I guess hard a$$ work does pay off eventually! :smiley:
Keep us updated I wanna see what you come up with when moneys with you :wink: Hopefully they’ll let you show your work.


it’s great to see not all goes to waste.

and I think the design part is the best… you can let your mind flow, design the wildest things if you like, really express yourself, and, you have then bunch of slaves to make it happen, build it for you.

I hope this series hit my TV… and if not, I download it from the net :slight_smile:


:smiley: Congratulations, hope to see the final products

yeha i will definatly tell people when the final products come out, i have no idea when that will be. perhaps 2 years from now even.

untill that date, i can unfortunatly say no more.

a slight techincality called a “cofidentiallity agreement”

but no worries i shall do blender proud, i will be using it heavily in the concept art for a tv series. and i’ll keep a full record of all my work (at the time i am alowed to, i shall upload it and use it for Blender Advertising)

good luck to everyone else, and remember, that those who follow their dreams with dedication and enthusiasm, will find what they were looking for.


OoooOOooh congrats :smiley:
But what about those sketching/drawing lessons you once spoke of? Are those a thing of the past ;)? Anywhos, hope you do well. Make us proud!

Well done Alltaken. Was your classmate a bit pissed when he found out you got the job? He’ll probably keep his mouth shut in future.

Hey, “You snooze, you looze!” Sounds like Alltaken saw the brass-ring just a’hangin’ there, and reached out and grabbed it. His friend didn’t. But now maybe he can follow.

A more apt description would be that they both tried to grab the ring but Alltaken was taller… I mean, the guy submitted his stuff just like Alltaken did. “You snooze, you lose” applies to people who slack off and pay the consequences.


firstoff i shall not mention this to my classmate, unless

A) he brings it up in conversation and asks directly

B) i need to, inorder to defend another position or explain strange behaviour of mine LOL.

C) insert some other reason

i figure its ten times crueler to not tell anyone and let them find out in 1 month or somthing. (i am a mean bastard)

the other thing was about the ring analogy.

yes he submitted a thing just as i did, however mine was done through actuall passion, and actual dedication. his was done because he saw an opertunity and thought he could make a quick one. i had done the work prior to the oppertunity being available.

you create your own future, and i created mine, he created his by starting at the end of the race.

But what about those sketching/drawing lessons you once spoke of? Are those a thing of the past

no i still hope to do them.

whether it is a full time thing, or a spare time thing depends if it is a paid drawing class or just a donation based one.

i will be probabbly getting thousands of dollars to draw for this thing, so i need to weight up a whole pile of things that assess my value.

i know that i can’t do the courses for free though. (unfortunatly, but i gotta eat, LOL)

anyway i’ll try to do what i can in that department getting things to happen.

thanks everyone for your support


Hahaha, that is cruel. Be sure to tell him how much money you’re rakin’ in ;).

So, are you going to finish the course you’re doing first? Does the job start after you finish?

If it’s a steady job, you might be better just abandoning the courses and getting settled into a proper job. After all, the courses are really only there to help you get a job.

that is nice for you. after your face thread this is very good news.

(now i have to hope that i can make money with blender :wink: )

same time :smiley:

i can do it, only takes my workload from about 100 hours per week to 110-120 hours per week :smiley:

nothing i can’t handle, nothing i havn’t handled in the past, and it will only conflict with my course for the next 6 weeks then its all drawing baby.

that is nice for you. after your face thread this is very good news.


(now i have to hope that i can make money with blender icon_wink.gif )

well the secret is to spread your net wide, i got a job from blender work, but the job was not asking for blender work, it was what made me stand out, so basicly do what you need to, but use blender as an advantage when you need to, it was never my goal to make money soley through blender, nor is that how i got the job, but blender certainly is turning A LOT of heads at my university right now.

i have about 4 lecturers wanting me to teach them (these are people that use other 3d packages regularly)

i have many students interested, and a number of other lecturers who don’t want to learn it going “shit”

just kinda accidentally turned out like that.


Congratualions! This shows that dedication. patience, and most of all - talent, pays off!

well, i have to pass my final exams this year so ill just build up a portfolio and when ive done my exams ill try to find a artistic job. also im just at high school (i think its called that way in english) and i dont need a lot of money.

You can never have too much bling bling baby!

You can never have too much bling bling baby![/quote]

i dont need a lot of bling bling. i have a computer, a internet connection and a room for myselve with clothes, a bed and other things. i dont have a urge to buy anything (but of course i want the blender manual :wink: ). im happy and i can do what i want.

i actually agree, i have never dreamed nor tried to be rich. i wouldn’t mind having a bit of money, but enough to live comfortably.

however in the end i will probably end up witha few million tucked under my belt. follow your passion and the rest will come.

more important than money is happiness.


Sweetness. 8)

this is awesome news Alltaken. thanks for sharing with us. You really (once the confidentiality is lifted) tell us what to look for, that is, the result of your work.
And yeah, I’m not surprised. Your work is great. That tank was drop dead awesome, and I don’t usually like military designs.