I just need a simple First-Person setup

Hey guys, well I’m not very good with scripting and python (yet), but I don’t have the time to learn it. I tried some things out, but it’s hard to understand as a beginner.
So maybe some of you could help:
What I need is a very simple First-Person walk setup. Something I can understand and modify. I’ve downloaded some templates and examples for FPS and MouseLook, but either they are way to complex for my needs (I’d like to understand the template I’m using) or too simple/not finished.
I need this walk-template for a simple architectural walktrough. So if someone could provide a simple but efficient example it would help me a lot. I just want to move and rotate like any other FPS game but without jumping, crouching, running, and all the other fancy game stuff. (I tried to do it myself but I often end up with little problems or strange cam/player-behaviour)
If someone could provide a template for walking like an FPS game AND clicking objects (like a door, so I can open it with an animation) it would be perfect!
In some weeks I’ll start to learn this myself but right now I have to produce something and I don’t have the time to learn the details : /


That’s a perfect example of “too much” ^^
Have you seen the player setup? It’s overloaded with so much stuff that I don’t need at all, it has 20+ objects for the player rig!
I downloaded most of the FPS templates here but most of them are too confusing/too much. Actually it should be very easy to make the player setup that I need, but I can’t come up with a clean and easy solution.

Here’s an example I put together - it works pretty well. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move about, and left-click when near the cube to interact with it (make it raise). Step away from the cube, and it will fall (you can use this functionality with, for example, a door to make it open when you interact with it, and close when you walk far enough away from it).