I just realized something...

I’ve been around for 2 years now! I had never really thought about it, until I randomly decided to start checking peoples’ join dates, and I realized I’ve been here for a very long time. Wow… It kind of makes me wonder… :o

I’ve been around for a while longer (oh, the old age…). I registered when NaN went kaput.

elYsiun has changed a lot since it first started, and not only in appearance, but the people are different now. Some old, some new (like cast members for a long-running TV series) and some annoying* and others who just don’t shut up**

…and the Finished Artwork content really has changed, with Blender’s new features that makes doing stuff much easier and realistic.

We should ask Timothy (formerly Kib_Tph) what it was like back then with only 10 people registered :stuck_out_tongue:

*hint: CubeFan973
**hint: check people who have been here for less than two months and have more than 1000 posts