I just want to create a curve the easy way!

I MUST be missing something…

Why is creating a curve with handles so damn hard? I went through bezier, path, blah blah…and the way Blender handles (no pun intended) it’s curves annoys me.

Say I want to create a curtain…so I go top down, and what I WANT to do is simply click a vertex, then extrude out in a curtain squiggle having to do little work with handles and correcting the path and curve…for some reason, everything I do, I’m having to constantly tweak the handles and rotate them and fix the arrow things or whatnot…I feel like when I extrude the next point out…the way the vertex and its handles are spawned for me makes things wonky…I feel like it’s trying to help me but it slows this brain down.

It just seems like in PS or Illustrator, I can create the profile shape of a curtain ten times faster and more convenient…

Am I missing something? A simple technique I’m not doing? I’ve looked around at tutorials all over, and I’m still confused with the curve tool.

Is there a way to just draw my shape, and have Blender auto-place vertex? Grease Pencil?

Is it just me? Or is there something about curve manipulation that is odd? I think I just need to learn the system a bit better. Maybe I’m just venting. :slight_smile:


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Great, I knew there had to be one.

Although, I don’t have a draw button on my left. It’s ‘annotate’…same icon almost without the vertex points. I looked all around for a bit and couldn’t find it. Where is the draw tool?

How is the vertex placement? I’ll give it a try. Is it used often you think? Or is it typically better to extrude out points?


You have to have a curve object selected and in Edit mode for these tools to be available.

Ooops. Thank you so much. Duh.

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