I key and layers, I key and alpha

I would like to have various layers fade in and out of my animation. Is there a turial on this anywhere? Or is there a tutorial on alpha and I key anywhere? OR any quick and dirty suggestions? Thanks

To set alpha keys just have the mouse over the materials window and hit ‘I’, select ‘alpha’ from the menu that appears, move some frames forward or back and do the same changing the alpha setting before hitting the ‘I’ and selecting ‘alpha’ again. You can also change and set them in the IPO materials window, just choose ‘Alpha’ from the menu on the right.

Thanks for the input pamtango

I would try maybe animating the layers seperately, and then combining them in the sequence editor, and from there do the fading in and out of the layers.

In my little animation there only fading in and out for the first few seconds, then after everything is solid the camera moves to view the objects from another angle. I’m green as can be with the sequence editor (but this is a good time as any to learn-what’s a little more data overload for an old fogy- :slight_smile:
Thanks for the input

Also of use might be scenes. You can load scenes into the sequence editor as well as image sequences and whatnot. There are actually quite a number of options as to what you can load in there. Just put your cursor in the sequence editor window, and press shift A. Also check out B@rts sequence editor tut. I think it’s in the standard docs.

I’ve been having a wonderful time with the sequence editor today. WOW what a tool. Off all the apects of blender so far this seems the easiest for me to assimilate and encredibly powerful. It has opened up entirely knew vistas of possibilties. It’s like discovering a gold mine. That in combination with alpha keys is going to do the job. Thanks again Pamtango and Modron.