I kick ass...DO YOU??

Yeah it deserved 3 & 2.
I play Pool or 8 Ball as some may know it and I rule!!!
Partly because I am so confidant, mostly through practice & skill.
I make the hard/trick shots and I am a show off…
years of practice.

What ‘Sport’ can you do? What are you best/great/confidant at?

I have been known to say to my opposition…


so…this is about what sports members do?

Not really, some wouldn’t call 8 Ball a sport anyway.
What can you do with confidance, with the beleif you are better than anyone, and have you acheived it?
I once played Chess with a gun to my head and won. The prize was keeping my head.

I used to race llamas bareback in the snow (uphill both ways). I won every heat I competed in, but when the sport was outlawed by the mongolian government I took to playing lawn darts. It’s much more exciting, and far more dangerous.

Who was bareback, you or the llamas?
Lawn darts sounds like english soccer spectating!
Does it have rules?

I used to bet on slugs, but we all got sick of watching the slugs leave the track, so we stopped.

i played soccer when i was younger. i was particularly good as a goalie… yeah, nothing gets passed my crotch.

[crazy boasting]I just came back from a fantastic game of swamp sprintin. Man, you should have seen be jumping from fallen trees to patches of earth through that swamp. We started the reace with 23 competitors but only 17 finished, 5 of them fell into quicksand and had to be rescued. The last one slipped and knocked himselft unconscious. Man, I’m the best of the best. I’ll challenge any of you to the annual game of naked swamp sprintin this summer in Louisiana! C’mon, Bring in on
[/crazy boasting]

no one can roll joints better than me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a black belt it tae kwon do with a state championship medal, but my Ju-jitsu training is MUCH more powerful as far as fighting. My ju-jitsu teacher now trains the king of Spain’s personal bodyguards. And I’ve played classical guitar solo in front of 5000 people.

I competed in the last winter olympics (ski jumping) i won the bronze medal…And then I woke up.
ha, actually, im a whoop @$$ basketball player. Ive been on a few teams, all of which won state championships.
And then theres my amazing skateboarding skills. Im really close to going pro. technically I already would be, but ive got like 4 pending sponsorships.

I’m a hill walking velocipede riding toxophilist:D


alright, i was serious about the second part, rndrbrian…

I’m actually God. There. The secrets out. You can send your prayers to [email protected]

edited, i apologize

I beat all the players in the pub at pool the first time I ever picked up a pool cue.

When I was at school the mathematics teacher used pool as an example to teach us about the geometry of reflections, so everytime I needed to get an awkward shot I pretended the kerbs of the table were mirrors and aimed the white ball at where I thought the reflection of the ball I wanted to hit would be.

The lad who was teaching me to play was really upset to be beaten in front of his friends by someone who had never played before.

Thou shalt lighten up :slight_smile: I’m sure whatever god is out there doesn’t really care. He knows I’m kidding.

ha, im sure he does

free_ality: He has the right to say what he wants to say. i don’t think christianity is going to be furthered by you telling someone what and what not to say.