I know how to draw now? (first good painting)

So I could never really draw until I got a book titled “drawing on the right part of the brain”
so basically to sum up the book it teaches you to use the right hemisphere of the brain (the creative side) to draw as aposed to using the left hemisphere(logical analytical side).
I’m only half way through but my drawing ability has “magically” become way better.
It is recommended for people of all skill levels of drawing.

now this I did in gimp and I painted it so its a bit harder then drawing because you don’t use only one color and it wasn’t an exercise in the book it was just for fun.
tell me what you think.

P.S. I know I’m having problems with bordering but that’s the chapter in the book I’m on


Hey that is really neat. I also did the course some months ago, and it gave me so much confidence. I am currently working on something else armed with knowledge. Look forward to more of your drawings!

It looks like what it is: an orange. Just kidding! :slight_smile:

And why don’t you use both parts of your brain to draw? One for accuracy, and the other for self expression :confused:

I’m planning to read that book too.

Keep drawing!

When you improved your skills so much, I should try that book too :smiley:

Well yes you use both hemispheres of your brain.
But each hemisphere of your brain is a specialist.

for example your left hemisphere is really good in math
whereas if you try to use it for drawing your drawing will look like crap.

your right hemisphere is really good in relational values (meaning it can create lines that the eye sees in relation to others,in other words drawing) but if you try to do math with the right side your going to have problems

This is why dyslexic people have problems with things like math and language
because as a opposed to using there left brain for everything (like most people)
they use the right which for these specific activities doesn’t work out to well.
and that’s what dyslexia is: your right hemisphere is dominant whereas most people are left hemisphere dominant.

strange thing is… I am dyslexic!
but I was still trying to draw with the left hemisphere!
idk maybe I grew out of my dyslexia if thats possible.

P.S. punctuation and grammar sucks because im lazy not because im dyslexic lol

I find it hard to use the left side of my brain…my parents always told me I was special but I suck at math… it’s not really that I can’t do it it’s just my mind can’t focus on such a boring a complex subject for more than a few minutes… but I am pretty good at art and have a good sense of color ( I know what goes good together.) but what is weird is I have a way more advanced understanding of physics than most people… any ways to get back on subject, nice job, I like the leaf the most for some reason, it just stands out in a positive way, I think it is partially it’s shadow on the apple.

I read a bit about the theory and it seems overly simplified. You don’t have a ‘rational’ and ‘intuitive’ brain, they both have fairly similar functions, but the left one tends to be more rationally oriented than the right brain. But seeing how this works I’m going to try it anyway.

And your apple is nice man. Looks tasty.

actually they have the exact same functions they just process information in different ways.

this may not work very well for you
but try covering your left eye and then read something and then cover your right eye and read (like an entire page) you may find it easier to read with your right eye because it is connected to the left hemisphere

I have that book and the techniques work though I doubt it has anything to do with left or right hemispheres. You see that book is just one of many books I have on drawing and the execerises the author uses to teach you how to draw are pretty standard exercise that you will find in any good book that you pick up on drawing.

Nice apple by the way. One method of working that I found helps, I just started working digitally myself, is to start in grey this way you can get you values sorted out and than put in colour using overlay and multiply layers.

Drawing is visualizing what you see in two worlds:
This one which obeys to rules such as physics geometry etc and yours.
Buying a book may help you understand the rules of this world.

But you make the rules in your world and you don’t need a book for that.Just sit forget for a moment this world listen to a song for example close your eyes and if you have imagination you ll start see images.Pick a pencil and begin…

Hey, that’s really nice! You weren’t much of a drawer before this, you say?

Would you mind showing your work prior to getting the book?

i dont even have work really from before this cuz i always threw out my drawings cuz i thought they sucked…
i think i might have a sketch book from like when i was ten but it was all pretty bad.
and i have one alright sketch (hand sketch) from a year and a half ago which i think i accidently must have used my right brain for thus making it look not terrible
but i tried a bunch of times after that and non of my sketches were nearly that good after that untill now i would say this apple painting is probably the best i have every done so

and im sure your results may very depending on the person you might improve way more or way less then i did
but i believe that if you just put your mind to it anyone can learn how to draw