I know... I ask ALOOOOOOOT of questions.

Um how do you make special fx’s, like explosions, slashes (4 swords n stuff), the stuff that pops up when you hit something (blood, stars, whatever), and all the craziness that goes on when you say cast a ridiculously awesome spell. Can Blender do that, or do I have to look at another 3D app.

Grei- :Z


If you have an idea and can explain it you could always ask for ideas.


Thanks Fligh, but where can I find how to acctually make those effects, all that site gives me is .blend files.

For general turoials try http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Tutorials.243.0.html

for Firworks from particals try


I wish I could give you the one on fire I found it usefull a year ago but now I am being redirctd so will not put it here