I know it is the holidays

but man … this forum is much to quiet/boring …
seems I am going to end up answering my own posts

Hi there ,
Is there a way to stuff the chicken on xmas with blender???
Help my grandmother is going bananas

press F3 then select under xmas panel/ stuf the chicken
just under the ‘I am gonna get loaded tonight’ button
hope this helps

ok I stop

i know your new…
but man do you have to post in the python and plugins forum?
anyways i agree it is kinda quit lately but people have familys to go to, why should your questions stop them from spending time with their familys?


1st I am not new so obviously you do not know much
Obviously Forum Guru means newbie
Althought I am not on Elysiun since lon, I use blender since version 1.28 or something so…

Now I am sorry I posted this thread
next time, I’ll ask you 1st
sorry man
why you beeing so on the 1st degree
I did not know I had to be serious all the time
so, folks, when you blend or post on Elysiun, remember :

Joined Oct 2004. Hey two months maaaannn!

Forum Guru = How many posts I can rack up in the shortest time maaannnn!! Whether they make any sense or not maaaannn!!, whether they actually help anyone or not maaannn!!

What’s wrong with the Chat Forum maannn!

MAKE A JOKE YES - Definition of joke somebody says something funny and others laugh

hey yellow
you just registerd 30 mins ago to write that kind of shit ?
poor sucker maaan , go bug someone else

the point is not to be a forum guru domass !
what do you know about me ?
I am here to learn and to tell what I know
Maybe you did not catch it well?
I did not mean any arm, you do not find it funny, well go check some other posting and leave me alone.
And I do not see how someone who logged on for the fisrt time 30 mins ago should know anything about that right?

btw, I am at work and the firewall wont let me through
mind your own b… , shithead, or should i say maaaaaaaaan

How is it possible to be so damn stupid and childish

can someone remove this f… thread, no bother keeping this as far as I can see

Just go and read some of my threads , maybe you will learn something
pauvre connard

This is off topic and going nowhere except places we don’t want discussions to go.