I know this has been asked, but....

I can never get quotes to get that cool quote box that other people get. I can never get URLs to work either (may be my ISP). So, let’s start with the former and I’ll figure out the latter.

Say I’m on a thread and I want to quote the post before me. I hit the quote button above my new post and it automatically pastes code with the quote and un-quote tags. I type my stuff in and I hit preview. What do I get?


not some cool box with stuff inside. Or, say I want to paste from outside or type a quote (which actually is the example above). I hit the quote button, put some stuff inside, and hit the quote button. Same deal, I can see the literal tags and not the groovy box.

Am I more mental than previously believed to be and/or am I missing something incredibly obvious? Either way, please explain what I’m doing wrong.

Hehe, you have BBcode disabled in your posts. If you look at the options under the message body when making a post you’ll see a checkbox that says “Disable BBCode in this post”. Make sure you have that un-selected. Also, go to your profile page and make sure BBCode is enabled from there.

For URLs just type the address. Eg, www.blender3d.org, OR…

Alternatively you can give a URL a name, eg: Download Blender

To do this type, [ url=http://www.blender3d.org ] Download Blender

And make sure to remove the spaces.

Thanks Wiggie. I figured it was something dorky that I was doing (or not).