I know this should go in the python forum but...

… it is a indea I (maybe someone else also) had

imagine you go to a web page coming from a sever where blender is installed, generating blend’s from users request(with the new sys.argv you can give args to blender scripts, and give orders to your script, so you can generate everything html, php, swf, [audio streaming ?], renders from blender…)
On the server there is some php, asp… receiving requests from user, ordering blender to generate datas and then the server send back the result of the query

on that page, you can submit blend files, or anything and so a powerfull mainframe can do the calculations for inst

this looks like a detail in the python API,but it can turn blender into an even more interesting web approach

well, I think


I really wonder why I keep posting :frowning:

I’m sure it would be cool, but i think it would take too much ressource on the server… imagine 10 000 persons requesting a render… Boom ! :stuck_out_tongue: