I like grass :)

The grass scripts are sleek!

This is what I came up with:


Pretty crummy hey?


I think the grass looks great. What did you use to / how did you make it?

There is a fiber script that generates those sort of grass. You can find it on the web i don’t know the exact URL but its on the net.


Please kill me if you guys don’t like that I post a link to my old work, but this is what you may get with the script: Beast


:slight_smile: heh. I think theres something growing inside the house where the orange light comes from :slight_smile:

eh, not to be rude to any one hkm, i dont think either of those grass types are impressive :-? I think the big guys still produce much greater grass without having to use plug-ins. ( please no flaming, i know blender is free and Maya is a wasteful 7grand)

I seriously think it’s a matter of knowing how to use the tool…the principle between ripstin’s fiber script and a maya grass plugin or watever are the same. Dupliverting somekind of mesh alot of time, putting it in random direction, + some other options.

my reason to use fiber: the real mesh that it generates produce shadow, and make your grass field have depth. The example KOTHE posted is good, but looks fake because it doesn’t have any depth, or at least, very little (nice test though!)
I’m sorry to also hi-jack your thread, but here is one of my example, and I believe I achieve it decently using Fiber2:

My example is nothing extraordinary, but I think it shows the potential of the fiber script when it’s combined with good setting, decent lighting, decent texture and decent material.

Back to the thread,

nice image, but I believe the grass could look even better with proper material setup. If you are interested in it, I could pack up a little .blend example with a simple material using a procedural cloud texture and some fiber generated grass mixed with a simple lighting setup and send it to you by email.

I do like the atmosphere you tried to create with the image. The halo light and all, just could have use a bit more tweaking on the lighting and material of the grass. Keep up the good work!

Can I get that .blend too please? email is [email protected]

I’ve always wanted to do grass but never knew how.

thats because the maya fiber/hair plugin is built into it. and i dont think saying that an image that has not used plugin is better then a image that has used a plugin has any relevance. it doesnt matter what tools you use, as long as the outcome is worth it.

The proportions are out. The grass looks way too big compared to the house…

Use your imaginations john-kimmo :smiley:

Ok, I know the grass is dodgy, but hey, it’s my first time trying to make grass. I don’t even know how to use the fibre script properly :-?

Artaures: “i dont think either of those grass types are impressive”

I never said my grass was impressive. Spare me the shame :expressionless:

What did you mean by the big guys still produce better grass without plugins?


Ecks, you said that the fibre script grasses produces shadow?

Now that’s better than I thought!

Please send me the .blend file of yours, I will see the settings for the grass of yours since I’ve tried my best to make the grass look realistic. I don’t know how :frowning:

email: [email protected]

Thanks guys, I know my grass sucks but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere with grass - just like how I did with Blender ^_~


I meant maya and 3ds max etc.

I think the picture is different on different computers. I just looked at the picture at school and its completely off from at home.

Maya’s is good but 7 grand + vs priceless is something that we should compare. It would be nice if they had a major competition between 3D applications, that way we could really bring out the potential of BLENDER and show those ‘big guys’ what Blender is made of.

Back to the post!

The grass although not convincing it does bring the dark Japanese feel to the scene. i like the stone lamp outside the grass :slight_smile:

As for 'something is growing from the orange light. Could it be ‘A Super Saiyan’

----Completely agree with that.

----As for the Ripsting fiberscritp versus Maya debate; i think fiberscript does perfectly the job. And the most important thing is always the final result no matter the tools you use.