I like text tutorials

You have no idea how much I like text tutorials.

I like text tutorials, they are a lot less bandwidth hungry than just text and pictures. You ever just watching youtube and then the quality dropped for some unknown reason and now you can’t see a damn thing.

I like text tutorials, they are easier to follow. Ever watching some cooking videos and they show you the ingredients one by one and never bother to write the whole recipe down in the description so you have to pause the video to copy the instructions?

I like text tutorials, they can be read in my own accord. With videos, some people speak very fast, some speak very slow, some have very heavy accent. If it’s all text i can have windows read it for me, with a heavy British accent.

I like text tutorials, they are easier to search and reference. Ever watched a video a long time ago and there is something important that was said but the video is 40 minutes long and you spent a good 10 minuets on it but just can’t find where it is?

I am just saying, I like text tutorials.

If I ever ended up doing tutorials myself they will be in text.


It would be nice to have more text tutorials, as a lot of video tutorials seem to really overdo it on introduction, or they simply go too slow in areas or the editing is not done that well.

Though it is unlikely text tutorials will become popular again, as the tech. behind browser video has seen a lot of advancement. The fact you satellite-based connections are now getting fast enough for high quality video (see StarLink and friends) will also get rid of the ‘crappy service in much of the world’ argument.

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Though it is unlikely text tutorials will become popular again, as the tech. behind browser video has seen a lot of advancement

Editing video is time consuming

Youtube video is easier to monetize

I suppose network effect plays a part too.

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I feel that.
Looks like videos are easier to digest for most people and that’s fine. But for me it’s a perception quirk or something - for the same reasons I really don’t like voice chats either. I can feel my brain struggling to keep up. Even when the instructor has a good voice, clear pronunciation and a solid presentation, it’s still takes a lot energy to focus.
Get that same information written down and I can process it just fine with much less anxiety.


Ya, I’m going to have to second that - good thing youtube has a rewind button.
I’ve been using Blender for a while now - I miss the stuff from blender art magazine tooo

Speaking of written down, it is also a lot easier to correct and revise a wall of text and images if it needs updating (because in some cases, revising a video tutorial means reshooting the whole thing). Text and images (even .gif images) are also just a lot easier to put together in a clean way, because you can stop and make edits at any time (unlike video where flubbing a section means starting over completely).

Not only that, but creators often complain about the work needed to prevent Youtube’s algorithms from burying them (as in, needing to make multiple videos a week because your first unwritten goal is to help Google make money).

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Learning for a text tutorial is much faster than watching a video. If you know how to read and read well, then it’s really fast. Plus it’s easy to take notes and relearn specific parts. I almost never look at video tutorials, only text.


Remember annotations?

Community translation? Not just for foreign contents but in native language?

There are fewer and fewer functionalities in YouTube.

Video responses; categorized subscriptions; hell remember when channels have custom widgets and backgrounds?

A working subscriptions? Ring that Bell because subscription doesn’t do what it is suppose to do. But Community post from channels I never heard of.

YouTube could be more.

TOTALLY AGREE! Videos are either too fast or too slow.

Been wanting to post this thought for a long time.


don’t forget the data transfer on the network. It cost less for text tutorails, and most poeople use cheap phones. And some of the phones and computers cannot even display video tutorials. You audience might be wider if you using text. Then there is search. it allows someone researching to find things very quickly.

I remember trying search on the video transcript

doesn’t work

I am a part of this crowd.
However, I’ve learned that I get to change, a bit, to match what’s being put out.
Taking notes has NEVER been so important. I hate rewinding videos… over and over again, to find something.
Now, I keep note cards around to take notes. I find I can learn the cards, and discard them quickly. Without them, I’m trying to find that one video that had that little tidbit of advice I am desperately looking for.

I know there is so much I am missing out on. The time doing as opposed to watching is at a better ratio for this time of my life, though.

Hey yall.

I started a website focusing on text tutorials: http://www.fivsh.com/

It is quite barebone at the moment. https will take a while to deploy.


I have made this question into my first post. Check it out.

does anyone know a text tutorial for geometry nodes (fields in 3.0)?