I like the old interface, but like the new options for 2.72

to get rid of those tabs on the left interface and put them on my top tool bar? with all those tabs now on the left side when I try to find little things like how many cuts I want from using the w short cut key to subdivide. then there’s things like I cant find the smooth, spinner for doing a 360 array duplicate of a mesh or join key after grouping two objects etc. of course I do have my interface size really high like at 140 instead of 70 (normal setting. but still, is there away to change the tabs?

Don’t be shy, show us what you’re talking about

What ‘old interface’, what ‘top tool bar’ ?

sorry about that. i like to make my screen big and model by one view and switch to to different orthos but in fill video. i know I could use ctrl and arrow key up to get rid of the panels but, is there away to make certain add on on like on the left tab in short keys or up on top panel?
I’m sure over time I can get use to this new method but figure to ask, since I like this work flow modeling in one full view and and switching to ortho and start learning short keys or a custom top panel of tools I use the most. things like that. if not it dont matter. figured to ask.


I like to enlarge my viewport to one full window switch between ortho views and perspective but, staying in a full one view window. i am wondering if I can add a top panel of most used tools like knife tool , how many cuts for subdivision, or mesh size using the instead t and n keys to bring up the panels then you have these panels stacked on left size and sometimes I cant find tool that was easy to get too on versions 2.69


No, you can’t put panels in that top bar, not without some heavy Python scripting. You can, however, “pin” certain panels in the toolshelf so that they are shown regardless of what tab you have selected.

Right click panel header and choose “Pin”:

‘Create’ tab is active yet ‘Mesh Tools’ are still visible:

And for operator options, you can just call them up using F6 hotkey after using the operator (the popup is draggable):