I’ll make a character for you

I’m a hobbyist looking to hone my skills making characters. So, here’s the deal. If you have a character in mind you would like made I’ll happily make it for you. There are of course some conditions. As a hobbyist this project will be delivered when I have the time, no deadlines. Also, amendments within reason, a set of tweeks is fine, change after change is not. If you like the finished product and want to keep it all to yourself, we can negotiate a price. If you want it for free that’s fine too, you can have it, but I will also put it up on Blender Market etc. I can only do one project at a time. The character will be rigged with Rigify for ease of use. I will not infringe on copyright, I can do you a character like something well known but not a direct copy. Here are a few examples of my work.

Please post your request in this topic rather than send me a message so I can keep a track of the order and so people can see the work unfold. I wonder if this will work?