I Lost my Layout Settings

1. Can I Recover my Settings?
Hi, I selected “Load Factory Settings” and I lost all of my settings. Is there a way to get these back. Where does Blender Store these?

2. Can I save a Duplicate “Copy” of my Settings?
If I set up my preferences to my preference and then select (CTRL + U) this will save the layout. Correct. Now is there a way to store this layout somewhere so I can reload it in the event that I overwrite it. I want a backup of it. Where can I find it once I save it? I hope this makes sense.

Blender stores these in C:\Users\stuart\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\config\startup.blend you can just duplicate these to backup your settings.

This path is for blender 2.57 and windows 7 (64 bit), you probably find yours in a diffrent place depending on OS.

Thanks. Sorry I should have mentioned I am on a mac. Anyone know where I can find these on a mac?

This works pretty well: