I lost the pose of an object by saving and reloading! Is this really how this works?

So I made a pose of an object with a rig. This object has animations already but I ignored them (it’s imported), I only went in Pose mode then I made the pose. Saved (several times), then closed, reopened and… Pose is gone.
Why? Is this real? Like, you cannot save poses automatically and you have to save them manually or something stupid like this?
I really hope there is a way to recover poses from the saved file but that for some buggy default setting it’s not showing…

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Did you create a keyframe for your pose (in Pose mode, select all the bones and press “i”)? Otherwise your pose won’t be saved. You can also press on the Auto Keying button in the Timeline window (little circle) if you want the pose to be automatically recorded.


There is also a pose library where you can store poses