I love 2.8!

That is all.

PS: THX DEVS and everyone involved.


oddly enough this doesn’t have the potential to spark a furios debate over the state of blender.
And yes I love it too. I actively followed the development of 2.8 and I welcome every change made.
I’ll probably even switch to left click select


Yeah big love from me also,
I don’t want to start a thermonuclear war but now I believe blender ui it’s the best in the industry right now
It’s superb !


I’ve only tinkered a bit with it and so far the opinion is positive. I don’t like shortcut changes as that was the main thing that made me fall in love with blender in the first place. good thing we can customize the c*ap out of it. already made some changes, added some shortcuts and started re-training muscle memory. no deal breaker there…

I also thought I didn’t like the new UI at first, but after playing with it for couple of hours when I went back to 2.79 I actually cringed LOL. I guess that means I like the new look, haha… needs a little bit of getting used to, but overall I like it…


This is one good step for Blender in reaching more user base. Hopefully this will push for improved Blender Fund also to further improve and enhance all existing features in 2.8 and adding any missing ones in the near future.

And as heraSK mentioned. when first using 2.8 it felt weird… but going back to 2.79 feels even wierder. But not as wierd as going back to 2.4x or earlier :slight_smile:

There will be of course users who don’t like 2.8, just like there were people who didn’t like 2.5. Some just don’t like change.

Just downloaded it. I’ve resisted all the Alpha’s so far, finally took the plunge.

Looks great so far.

Ha, thought I was the only one! Looking forward to checking out the beta.

Nar i did too.

The downside of getting 2.8 now is that 2.79b looks outdated :cry:

I certainly plan on doing that. Having used blender since December 2003 it’ll be an adjustment, but I recon it will be fine in the end. With that said I’m currently editing the key map to be able to have a “emulate 3 button mouse” like behavior for view navigation with the left click selection and I think I have it working, will have to use it for a while to see if any conflicting issues arise from it.

While at it, has anyone found a way to quickly reset the 3D cursor orientation yet?

Might have to raise it as an issue in the other forums paper cuts thread…

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No! You’re wrong! And I will prove it to you!

Oh, wait…


<3 thank you for 2.80! Great job!

Well, it looks nice, and eevee looks fantastic. It will take some serious effort to get used to. Not a fan of the tabs across the top, that was my biggest gripe with messiah studio when i tried it years ago, but I’m sure i will get used to it. Just don’t expect me to switch to left click select. :laughing:

I like nearly everything, so most features look super awesome, but I don’t like the b/w Icons at all. Additionally, it needs some fine polishing and a few more things added to smooth out the workflow, but that’s normal and expected. In General I think it’s going to be a fairly good release, and I really look Forward to 2.81, 2.82 and so on!

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Finally some love for 2.8. I always found that experienced people saw mastering the (many expletives deleted) GUI s a right of passage. My modelling sessions where sporadic and I never stuck with it long enough to get good/fast with it because of the frustration. With 2.8 I can’t wait to get on my graphics computer and make stuff. I can see this version finally being taken seriously by the graphics community.
Thanks devs.

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Thank you for giving us Blender 2.8, it is a joy to learn now…(from a noob).

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I’ve really made some good use ($) of 2.79 and all previous versions (meaning, some side income, that’s it! Not rich yet, lol ) . But I’m quite loving 2.8. Much agreeing withe the OP here. (Even while I had been a Max user at every single company job).