I LOVE B.A.G.!! (I give away the 3 bag scripts to thank S68)

OK, guys!
–> link to file below.

S68’s B.A.G. intrigues me a lot. Here 3 figures:
(1) Lissajou (come on Stefano, I bet your EE students look at oscilloscopes in other classes, and I bet you tell them that the deflection is all about electrostatics…). Long live the EEs!
I didn’t put a phase. However, as is, it has real world application (I used it w/ a 5/7 ratio to make a key). One day, this key will be part of a big composition I will probably finish in December…
(2) a limacon (but the tool lets you make a carodioid, by varying the param (a).
(3) a silly variation on the torus (a cardioid). Tell your girlfriend 1-cos(ax) :wink: ! I guess, next time, I will post a cardioid in a cardioid (as oposed to torus)

The render is cheesy, I know, and it won’t ever make it to the finish project… The point is to show off BAG once again, and give the parameters to those of you it will inspire to do more stuff with this mighty cool tool.

Plus, I’m about to leave work, and won’t see your comments until Monday.



yes verynice there. hehe first post :D.

Hehe, nice :slight_smile:

thanx for sharing!