I Love Blender Artists

This is actually just a message to say Thanks, I love this forum, Being a new user to blender and new to 3d altogether i can say that BA has been crucial in my development, now im making a game with others, and enjoying blender every moment i can spare.

I cant wait to be able to put back as much as i have been given. And hope to help many others as i progress out of the stages of noobness into not so noobness and maybe even one day ill exit the area of noobness totally…

Till then ill keep harrassing you to answer my questions :wink: Thanks for everything guys and keep up the great stuff. you are all an inspiration to me

Blender FTW!!


Well, welcome on board! It is a lovely day is it not? It it sort of contrasty. That would be where the skies are all dark and yet the sun comes shining through. It is raining yet it is warm. Now I have to blend a grain tower and silo in the current lighting set up. This may sound easy, yet it is not…