I love hooks!

well nothing really todo with like fishing hooks but blender’s hooks!


the model isn’t finished but this is probably as far as I will get with it… although I would love to turn this into my istabu.com icon ^_-

Looks goofy :). (feels that he knows something that I do not :smiley: )

looks great
would love to see him textured

also thanks for giveing me a chance with the elf
i havent had time to work with him yet,
but the model is very impressive

Cool! please could you explaine the way you use hook in the animation workshop? I realy work hard to get a place where we can discusse animation in blender:

well all you really need todo to use hooks for facial animation is use aramture and parent the hooks to the armatures. So when get a good position you can always just reuse it. Instead of being limited to RVKs. The limit for RVKs is 16 right?. with aramtures there is no limit.