i love this little app!

(IOR) #1

i love this little app!..it really tickles my mind everytime i try to something and i find it really hard to do…used to max as i am it is kind of hard to get stuff done in blender…then i find this place…its still hard…but at the same time its fun, its non profit…its a challange…kind of “if i can do it with blender i can do anything!” kind of feeling…iv’e seen some pretty amazing stuff done with blender and the older i get the more ii’m starting to realize that it’s not the pencil that does the artist proud…it’s the other way around…at least thats what i want to believe…blender has really made me appreciate 3d again…the deeper i dig into this program the more i fall in love with it…sure its not as easy as max or maya to learn…but it fits on a floppy, its multi platform and its free…wow it doesn’t get any better than this i think! =)

cheers! =)

(IngieBee) #2

Well, I can’t read that and not say anything, LOL.

So glad you’re with us. I think the thing that makes Blender so hard is that most of us have used other apps with a typical interface, and this one is totoally different.

Anyway, I for one, nah, I for a few thousand, are glad you are here with us. Thanks for joining and posting. You’ve just entered a familly, so don’t be so easily turned off by our squabbles, LOL.

Love Ingie

(overextrude) #3

Blender could make some things a bit less tedious, but I think you have the right idea. : )

(Xampersand) #4

IngieBee, you’re so right about family squabbles!

IOR, welcome to the family! We almost never agree on just about anything, but we’re NEVER boring.

Well, almost never…sometimes some of us post long-winded tirades on trivalities… :smiley: But I’m trying to get better~!

(CurtisS) #5

Blender was the first 3D app I ever took the time to REALLY LEARN well. The initial steep learning curve goes quick and then it’s just a matter of learning the finer functions. The manuals and tutorials help but it is the community that will really help you out if you need it.